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Archive: Jul 2022

30-second imagery of severe thunderstorms across Montana

GOES-18 images in this blog post are preliminary and non-operational Overlapping 1-minute Mesoscale Domain Sectors provided GOES-18 “Red” Visible (0.64 µm) images at 30-second intervals (above), which include time-matched SPC Storm Reports. This imagery showed widespread thunderstorms that moved eastward across Montana on 09 July 2022, which produced damaging straight-line winds as strong as 78... Read More

NUCAPS Cross Sections over the south Pacific

An animation from the CSPP Geosphere site, above (link), shows a quiescent period in/around Samoa and American Samoa. Low clouds (purple and pink) occasionally developed overnight into showers (dark red) that then dissipated.NOAA-20 overflew the Samoan islands at around 1200 UTC on 8 July, as shown in the toggle below... Read More

Tornado in metropolitan DC

GOES-16 infrared (above) and visible (below) imagery late in the afternoon of 5 July 2022 show the development of convection in between Baltimore and the District of Columbia. Tornadoes occurred in both Prince George County, just east and north of the District of Columbia, and over Anne Arundel county, just... Read More