ACSPO SSTs over Lake Michigan and over the Pacific Ocean

July 18th, 2022 |
VIIRS ACSPO SSTs, 0703, 0753 and 0844 UTC on 18 July 2022, along with buoy observations (Click to enlarge)

The animation above shows ACSPO estimates of Lake Surface Temperature (LST) over Lake Michigan from 3 different VIIRS overpasses: NPP at 0703 and 0844, and NOAA-20 at 0753 UTC (despite the AWIPS label!) early on 18 July 2022; VIIRS data were downloaded at the CIMSS Direct Broadcast antennae, and ACSPO SST fields were created using CSPP software; AWIPS-ready tiles are available via an LDM feed from CIMSS. Orange to red enhancement values show lake surface temperature at/above 20oC/68oF (the color bar limits are 41oF/77oF). Two NOAA buoys are also present within Lake Michigan, and both show lake temperatures of 69oF; satellite values show far greater variability within the lake than can be deduced from just two buoy-based observations.

GOES-R data are used to create lake-surface (and sea-surface) temperatures. The toggle below over Green Bay and central Lake Michigan shows the superior spatial resolution of the VIIRS instrument. Over the open lake, GOES-R SSTs run about 1/2oF warmer than SSTs from VIIRS.

GOES-16 and VIIRS SST estimates over Green Bay and central Lake Michigan, ca. 0900 UTC on 18 July 2022 (click to enlarge)

Similar imagery (also using Direct Broadcast data and created using CSPP software) was available slightly later off the coast of Oregon, as shown below. Three consecutive passes of VIIRS, at about 45-minute intervals, allow for changes in the surface temperature fields to be monitored with high spatial and temporal resolution.

VIIRS ACSPO SSTs, 0934, 1026 and 1118 UTC on 18 July 2022 (Click to enlarge)

ACSPO SST (and individual channel, and true/false color) imagery is routinely available at the CIMSS direct broadcast site at this link for NOAA-20 and this link for NPP. You can also find True Color imagery over the Great Lakes, such as the image below from NOAA-20, posted for your viewing pleasure.

NOAA-20 True-Color imagery over the Great Lakes, 1850 UTC on 14 July 2022 (Click to enlarge)