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Archive: May 2021

Tropical Invest 90L becomes Subtropical Storm Ana in the Atlantic

1-minute Mesoscale Domain Sector GOES-16 (GOES-East) “Red” Visible (0.64 µm) and “Clean” Infrared Window (10.35 µm) images (above) displayed the exposed low-level circulation of Invest 90L, in the Atlantic Ocean (about 150 miles northeast of Bermuda, TXKF) on 21 May 2021.GOES-16 Visible images with plots of Visible Derived Motion Winds (below) revealed a few wind speeds of 50 knots or greater... Read More

Cherrywood Fire in Nevada

1-minute Mesoscale Domain Sector GOES-17 (GOES-West) Shortwave Infrared (3.9 µm) and “Red” Visible (0.64 µm) images along with 5-minute GOES-16 (GOES-East) Fire Power and Fire Temperature products (above) displayed thermal characteristics and the smoke plume associated with the Cherrywood Fire in southern Nevada on 20 May 2021. The maximum 3.9 µm brightness temperature sensed was 138.7ºC — which is... Read More

Wildfires in southern Canada

GOES-16 (GOES-East) True Color RGB images created using Geo2Grid (above) showed the growth of numerous large smoke plumes created by wildfires across parts of Manitoba and Ontario on 18 May 2021. A “pyrocumulus jump” was seen in Manitoba (just south of Lake Winnipeg) just after 00 UTC.Early in the day, a significant... Read More