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Archive: Wed Mar 2021

Cyclone Habana in the South Indian Ocean

US Space Force EWS-G1 Infrared Window (10.7 µm) images (above) displayed the well-defined eye and eyewall structure of Cyclone Habana in the South Indian Ocean on 10 March 2021. This was the second period of Category 4 intensity (ADT | SATCON) during the life cycle of Habana.Meteosat-8 Infrared images with... Read More

Satellite-based detection of rain amounts

The system that produced the high-impact flooding event on Maui (discussed here) also  caused flooding rains on Oahu on the 9th.   (A Flash Flood Emergency was declared at 348 HST on 9 March:  Link)  How well did quantitative satellite estimates of this event perform?  Hydroestimator values, above, from the 24... Read More