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Archive: Mar 2013

Volcanic ash fall plume over the Kamchatka Peninsula

AWIPS images of Suomi NPP VIIRS 0.64 µm visible channel images (above) revealed some interesting curved ice floe gyres in the Bering Sea just off the eastern coast of the Russian Kamchatka Peninsula on 07 March 2013. Also evident near the center of the visible images was a long, narrow,... Read More

Undular bore over Texas and the Gulf of Mexico

A comparison of AWIPS images of MODIS 11.0-3.7 µm IR brightness temperature difference “fog/stratus product”, 3.7 µm shortwave IR, 11.0 µm IR window, and 6.7 µm water vapor channel images (above) showed the night-time (08:04 UTC or 3:04 AM local time) development of parallel cloud bands associated with an undular... Read More

Polar low over the western Bering Sea

AWIPS images of 1-km resolution Suomi NPP VIIRS 0.7 µm Day/Night Band data (above) showed the development of a small polar low in the far western Bering Sea during the 02 March – 03 March 2013 period. A string of breaking Kelvin-Helmholtz waves could be seen feeding into the circulation... Read More

Mountain wave “banner cloud” over Montana

McIDAS images of 4-km resolution GOES-15 (GOES-West) and GOES-13 (GOES-East) 6.5 µm water vapor channel images (above; click image to play animation) showed a well-defined high altitude mountain wave cloud (or “banner cloud”) immediately downwind of the high elevations of the Rocky Mountains in western Montana on Read More