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Archive: Apr 2013

Diagnosing areas of light winds over water

An AWIPS image of 1-km resolution Suomi NPP VIIRS 0.64 µm visible channel data (above) revealed a large patch of water within the eastern Gulf of Mexico “sun glint” region that exhibited a much darker appearance than the surrounding waters off the west coast of Florida on Read More

Hail-producing thunderstorm at Kandahar, Afghanistan

A thunderstorm produced golf-ball-size hail that reportedly lasted up to 30 minutes at Kandahar, Afghanistan on 23 April 2013. This hail was responsible for 3 fatalities, and damaged dozens of US and British military helicopters and aircraft stationed at Kandahar International Airport. McIDAS images of EUMETSAT Meteosat-7 0.7 µm visible... Read More