GOES-14 Imager again provided special 1-min data in 2014. The dates are May 8-24, and August 14-28 allow special data set collections for GOES-R algorithm developers, research partners, forecasters, and Proving Ground participants. GOES-14 will be located near 105 degrees West.

GOES-14-relevant SRSOR links:

Training materials

RealEarth (WMS): Vis and IR  Vis, radar, watch boxes and Overshooting Tops [Hit the 'play button' to loop. With roam and zoom. Allows access to past 20 days.]

SSEC: All bands at full coverage/resolutions [With roam and zoom. Allows access to all past days.]

SSEC Data Center kml files of Imager: bands 1 and 4

CIRA loop of the visible and infrared window and water vapor [Note that the number at the end of the URL can be changed to show a different number of images.]

CIRA loop of the visible (Northern sector) and visible (Southern sector) [Note that the number at the end of the URL can be changed to show a different number of images.]

NSSL loop of the visible and infrared window

GOES SRSOR loop plus Roof Top Camera images SSEC data center visible only [Allows access to past days, only some days have SRSOR over Madison, WI]

CIMSS Satellite Blog    Satellite Liaison Blog   RAMMB Blog    GOES-R PG HWT Blog   

CIMSS Satellite Blog You Tube channel   


SRSOR information from 2012 and 2013. SRSOR schedule allows for 26 1-min images most 30 minute periods. Other GOES schedules .

Daily Implementation of GOES-14 SRSOR Schedules (2014)

Starting Date [Julian Day]
(Day of Week)
Test Schedule Name Duration Center Point (coverage) Comments Links (large files)
May 8 [128]
SRSOR (no FD) 128/ 11:14:30 UTC - 129/ 11:14:00 UTC 38N 95W Moderate Risk, southern MN, northern IA CIMSS Blog post (Midwest)   Visible animation (mp4)    3-panel animation (mp4)    HWT blog    Vis+IR+Over-shooting Tops
May 9 [129]
SRSOR (no FD) 129/ 11:14:30 UTC - 130/ 11:14:00 UTC 35N 92W Slight Risk mid Mississippi valley CIMSS Blog post (TX)
May 10 [130]
SRSOR (no FD) 130/ 11:14:30 UTC - 131/ 11:14:00 UTC 36N 92W Slight Risk over lower MO valley to central OK Vis loop (KS, MO)  2-day Vis loop (Midwest) from RAMMB in YouTube -- best if full screen and high res
May 11 [131]
SRSOR (no FD) 131/ 11:14:30 UTC - 132/ 11:14:00 UTC 37N 96W Moderate Risk over KS, NE, IA CIMSS Blog post (Central Plains)    RAMMB Blog post (Central Plains)   Vis loop (NE)    Storm Center Vis and IR loop (YouTube)   CIMSS Satellite Blog on Orphan Anvils
May 12 [132]
SRSOR (no FD) 132/ 11:14:30 UTC - 133/ 11:14:00 UTC 36N 92W Slight risk from central Great Lakes to southern Plains Vis loop (Midwest)    SRSOR + Roof Top Camera imagery over Madison, WI (YouTube)
May 13 [133]
SRSOR (no FD) 133/ 11:14:30 UTC - 134/ 11:14:00 UTC 36N 85W Continued strong cold front across central U.S. Vis loop (GA: Cu, etc.)   Vis loop WV: from Fog to Convection   CIMSS Blog
May 14 [134]
SRSOR (no FD) 134/ 11:14:30 UTC - 135/ 11:14:00 UTC 35N 85W Slight risk from Lower Mississippi Valley to Central OH Valley 1 vs 5 min vis loop (OH)  1 vs 15 min vis loop (OH)   ftp: Vis loop over GA
May 15 [135]
SRSOR (no FD) 135/ 11:14:30 UTC - 136/ 11:14:00 UTC 36N 81W Slight risk over the Carolinas and mid-Atlantic states Convection (GA and northern FL)
May 16 [136]
SRSOR (no FD) 136/ 11:14:30 UTC - 137/ 11:14:00 UTC 39N 104W . Mountain wave clouds and snow (UT)
May 17 [137]
SRSOR (no FD) 137/ 11:14:30 UTC - 138/ 11:14:00 UTC 39N 111W Critical Fire Wx Outlook (AZ) Skunk Fire (AZ) visible loop with SRSOR, RSO and Standard
May 18 [138]
Routine East 138/ 11:14:30 UTC - 139/ 11:14:00 UTC N/A No SRSOR this day.
May 19 [139]
SRSOR (no FD) 139/ 11:14:30 UTC - 140/ 11:14:00 UTC 39N 101W Slight risk over central high Plains IR window: 1 vs 15 min (MN)  IR window: 1 vs 5 vs 15 min (MN)  Blog from HWT (WY/NE)  Vis loop (WY/NE)
May 20 [140]
SRSOR (no FD) 140/ 11:14:30 UTC - 141/ 11:14:00 UTC 39N 107W . Convection (CO) visible loop from RAMMB  Storm-centered Visible loop (CO)  VISIT blog via YouTube
May 21 [141]
SRSOR (no FD) 141/ 11:14:30 UTC - 142/ 11:14:00 UTC 38N 101W Slight risk over Central high plains and OH/mid-Mississippi Valley SPC MD (TX)  Supercell (CO) -- loop from RAMMB  VISIT blog  Satellite Liaison (SPC) Blog  4-panel with lightning and radar
May 22 [142]
SRSOR (no FD) 142/ 11:14:30 UTC - 143/ 11:14:00 UTC 38N 84W Slight Risk, TN and DC area SPC MD (PA)  Convection over VA  Convection over NY  CIMSS Blog: over KY  Satellite Liaison (SPC) Blog
May 23 [143]
SRSOR (no FD) 143/ 11:14:30 UTC - 144/ 11:14:00 UTC 38N 83W Slight risk NC/SC Vis loop (NC)  associated with hail report  Blog from CIMMSE  Satellite Liaison (SPC) Blog
May 24 [144]
SRSOR (no FD) 144/ 11:14:30 UTC - 145/ 11:14:00 UTC 36N 105W Slight risk West Texas Vis loop (TX)  IR loop (TX)  SPC storm reports
May 25 [145]
Routine East 145/ 11:14:30 UTC - 147/ 11:14:00 UTC N/A . CIMSS blog with 3 GOES views of hurricane Amanda  .  
August 14 [226]
SRSOR (no FD) 226/ 11:14:30 UTC - 227/ 11:14:00 UTC 39.5N 114.5W Slight Risk over ID/MT (Enhanced) Vis loop (AZ)  CIMSS Satellite Blog about Las Vegas flash flooding  
August 15 [227]
SRSOR (no FD) 227/ 11:14:30 UTC - 228/ 11:14:00 UTC 39.5N 97W Central Plains (Enhanced) Vis loop (ND) from RAMMB    
August 16 [228]
SRSOR (no FD) 228/ 11:14:30 UTC - 229/ 11:14:00 UTC 37N 97W Slight Risk over MO, possibe PAR synch (Enhanced) Vis loop (KS) from RAMMB    
August 17 [229]
SRSOR (no FD) 229/ 11:14:30 UTC - 230/ 11:14:00 UTC 37N 85W Mid-mississippi precip. Some missing data between 13:03 and 13:54 UTC Vis loop of convection (TN)--large animated gif  Vis loop of convection (TN)--mp4  CIMMSE blog on the SRSOR data  You Tube animation
August 18 [230]
SRSOR (no FD) 230/ 11:14:30 UTC - 231/ 11:14:00 UTC 38N 83W NWS requested (RAH/CHS) Vis loop of fog (PA)  MCV over Souther Mississippi Valley  SPC Mesoscale Discussion  YouTube (from RAMMB)  YouTube of 1 vs 15 min scanning (from RAMMB)  CIMMSE blog on how the SRSOR data helped during NWS operations
August 19 [231]
SRSOR (no FD) 231/ 11:14:30 UTC - 232/ 11:14:00 UTC 18N 120W Tropical Depression 12 / Lowell Vis loop of Lowell on CIMSS Satellite blog  YouTube video    
August 20 [232]
SRSOR (no FD) 232/ 11:14:30 UTC - 233/ 11:14:00 UTC 39N 93.5W Slight Risk over SD and OH Valley Dissipation of river valley fog (CIMSS blog)      
August 21 [233]
SRSOR (no FD) 233/ 11:14:30 UTC - 234/ 11:14:00 UTC 33N 85W HS3 Ferry Flight was cancelled Radar/Satellite comparison over Georgia (from RAMMB)  YouTube video over FL (from RAMMB)    CIMSS blog post of thunderstorms over FL
August 22 [234]
SRSOR (no FD) 234/ 11:14:30 UTC - 235/ 11:14:00 UTC 39N 98W Central Plains 2 day You Tube loop over the Midwest (daytime only)    
August 23 [235]
SRSOR (no FD) 235/ 11:14:30 UTC - 236/ 11:14:00 UTC 39N 98W Central Plains 2 day You Tube loop over the Midwest (daytime only)    
August 24 [236]
SRSOR (no FD) 236/ 11:14:30 UTC - 237/ 11:14:00 UTC 23N 75W Tropical Depression
August 25 [237]
SRSOR (no FD) 237/ 11:14:30 UTC - 238/ 11:14:00 UTC 20N 117W Hurricane Marie Enhanced visible loop of Hurricane Marie (from RAMMB)  YouTube video of Marie (from RAMMB)  Capital Weather Gang blog post  Enhanced visible animation (from RAMMB)  CIMSS blog showing mesovortices in the eye  Hurricane Marie with Lightning data (Liaison blog)
August 26 [238]
SRSOR (no FD) 238/ 11:14:30 UTC - 239/ 10:14:00 UTC 31N 72W Hurricane Cristobal HS3 location (only updates during misions)  Satellite Liaison Blog with Lightning data    
August 27 [239]
RSO sector testing 239/ 10:14:30 UTC - 239/ 11:14:00 UTC N/A N/A
August 27 [239]
SRSOR (no FD) 239/ 11:14:30 UTC - 240/ 11:11:00 UTC 33N 70W Cristobal Cristobal visbile loop (mp4)  Satellite Liaison Blog with Lightning data  
August 28 [240]
Routine 240/ 11:14:30 UTC - 241/ 11:14:00 UTC N/A .

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