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Archive: Thu Nov 2022

Comparing The Gálvez-Davison Index to Satellite-derived K-Index fields at American Samoa

The Gálvez-Davison index (GDI) is a useful derived product (available online here from NCEP) for predicting tropical convection in tradewind regimes. In general, the larger the GDI, the more likely that showers and thunderstorms will be present. The toggle above compares GDI with K-Index derived from NUCAPS data (the Sounding Availability plot shows in... Read More

SAR data over Guam (Part VI and VII)

RADARSAT-2 observations of SAR data near/around the island of Guam in the Marianas Islands continue in November (as previously discussed here, here and here). Overpasses on 15 November (above) and 17 November (below) contain features that deserve comment. For example, there is an obvious seam (and a less-obvious second seam)... Read More