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Category: Meteosat

Cyclone Freddy intensifies to a Category 5 storm

US Space Force EWS-G1 — formerly GOES-13 — Infrared Window (10.7 µm) images (above) showed Cyclone Freddy in the South Indian Ocean, after it re-intensified to a Category 4 storm at 0000 UTC on 15 February 2023. Freddy then briefly peaked at 145 knots at 0000 UTC on 16 February... Read More

Cyclone Eunice moves through Europe

A storm named Eunice has developed over the British Isles and is causing severe winds, up to 122 mph observed at the surface. The storm is associated with a very active jet stream in the North Atlantic. Eunice follows another storm, Dudley, that hit England, Ireland, and Scotland on Wednesday... Read More

Cyclone Shaheen makes landfall in Oman

US Space Force EWS-G1 (formerly GOES-13) Infrared Window (10.7 µm) images (above) showedHurricane Shaheen weakening to a Tropical Storm shortly after it made a rare landfall along the coast of Oman on 03 October 2021. The storm exhibited an eye at times as it was a Category 1 Hurricane over... Read More