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Category: Himawari-8

SAR data over Guam (part IV)

RADARSAT-2 overflew Guam early on 10 November 2022, and the toggle above shows both Himawari-8 imagery at that time with the SAR wind estimates overlain. This was a time of light winds and minimal shower activity. It’s interesting that the wake of weak winds downwind of the islands of Guam... Read More

SAR data over Guam

After a request from the National Weather Service Pacific Region, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data are available over/around Guam. These data are available at this NOAA/NESDIS website, and also via anonymous ftp from There will be 10 overpasses between 1 and 24 November. The first RADARSAT overpass occurred at 0839 UTC on... Read More

Band 7 on Himawari-9 vs. Band 7 on Himawari-8

Himawari-9 is slated to become operational (replacing Himawari-8, which has been operational at 140.7o E Longitude since 2015!) on 13 December 2022 (Link). One change that users might observe arises from the slightly shorter central wavelength in the shortwave infrared band (Band 7). On Himawari-8, the central wavelength is 3.885... Read More