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Category: Himawari-8

SAR Data over Guam (part X)

The 10th and final special RADARSAT-2 data collection of SAR winds over the Guam Area of Responsibility (AOR) occurred on 24 November, and is shown above in a toggle with the Himawari-8 Clean Window imagery at the same time (Here is the same toggle as above but with SAR data... Read More

SAR data over Guam (Part VI and VII)

RADARSAT-2 observations of SAR data near/around the island of Guam in the Marianas Islands continue in November (as previously discussed here, here and here). Overpasses on 15 November (above) and 17 November (below) contain features that deserve comment. For example, there is an obvious seam (and a less-obvious second seam)... Read More

SAR data over Guam (part IV)

RADARSAT-2 overflew Guam early on 10 November 2022, and the toggle above shows both Himawari-8 imagery at that time with the SAR wind estimates overlain. This was a time of light winds and minimal shower activity. It’s interesting that the wake of weak winds downwind of the islands of Guam... Read More