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Category: AVHRR

Typhoon Mawar moves through the Rota Channel

Typhoon Mawar wobbled north during the day on 24 May and moved through the Rota channel between the islands of Guam to the south and Rota to the north, as shown in the animation of Himawari-9 Target Sector Band 3 (Visible, 0.64 µm) imagery above. The track path from the... Read More

Severe weather in Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana

1-minute Mesoscale Domain Sector GOES-16 (GOES-East) “Red” Visible (0.64 µm) and “Clean” Infrared Window (10.35 µm) images (above) showed thunderstorms that produced a variety of severe weather (SPC Storm Reports) across far southern Oklahoma on 22 April 2020. These discrete supercell storms developed along a cold front associated with a low pressure system moving across the region (surface analyses).GOES-16... Read More