Preview of Coming Attractions: the new CSPP Geosphere site

May 2nd, 2022 |
Twelve frames of GOES-16 Night Microphysics starting at 0851 UTC on 2 May 2022

CSPP Geosphere is a GOES-16 visualization website that uses Cloud Computing (and CSPPGeo software) to create imagery. The animation above shows the Night Microphysics RGB over the central United States starting at 0856 UTC and extending 12 frames (as noted in the saved mp4 filename). The animation above uses a more accurate definition of the Night Microphysics RGB; you can tell the difference in temperature in the low clouds between the cold stratus (yellow enhancement) over the Midwest and the warmer clouds (closer to blue/cyan) over the southern Plains and over North Carolina. Note that there are also low clouds over Alabama under the high clouds; perhaps IFR Probability fields (available in RealEarth) over that state are a more logical choice to define low clouds there.

The new CSPP Geosphere site — being tested now at CIMSS — includes GOES-17 data (and will include GOES-18 data when available, as GOES-18 support is currently being added to CSPP Geo software). Thus, one can create imagery over the Pacific Ocean including Hawaii.

Twelve frames of GOES-17 True Color and Night Microphysics in the PACUS domain, starting at 0351 UTC on 2 May 2022

The new Geosphere site should be available in Summer 2022.