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Archive: Jun 2014

Two Tropical Storms in the Pacific

Tropical Storms Douglas (center of the image) and Elida (right-hand side of the image) have formed in the tropical Pacific to the west of Mexico. From the animation above (click here for an animation of the 10.7 µm imagery), Elida is in an environment of northerly/northwesterly shear: the strongest convection... Read More

40 years of Satellite Imagery

The oldest satellite image in the SSEC data archive is shown above, taken 40 years ago on 27 June 1974, from SMS-1 (the corresponding visible image can be seen here). The infrared channel sensed radiation in a broad spectrum between 10.5 and 12.6 µm... Read More

Thunderstorms over the interior of Alaska

AWIPS images of Suomi NPP VIIRS 0.64 µm  visible channel data (above) showed the development of early afternoon thunderstorms over the interior of Alaska as an upper-level low moved westward over the region on 19 June 2014.An animation of VIIRS 11.45 µm IR channel images spanning the 18-19 June period... Read More