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Archive: Sep 2012

Increased noise in GOES-13 Imager Channels

The GOES Imager infrared channels are displaying increasing amounts of small-scale noise that is manifest in imagery as herringbone or checkerboard features, as shown in the comparison above with a MODIS water vapor imagery. The animation below, an AWIPS composite of GOES-13 and GOES-15, shows increasing amounts of noise with... Read More

Noise in the Shortwave GOES-13 Sounder Channels

The shortwave infrared channels on the GOES-13 sounder have displayed increasing amounts of noise over the past months. The multi-channel display, above, shows distinct noise in the channels at 4.57 µm, 4.53 µm, 4.45 µm and 4.13 µm. Animations of the GOES-13/GOES-15 imagery from AWIPS shows that the noise is... Read More