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Archive: Aug 2012

Wildfires in the northwestern US

McIDAS images of GOES-13 0.63 µm visible channel data during the day and 3.9 µm shortwave IR data at night (above; click image to play animation) revealed a number of very large and dense smoke plumes from wildfires that were burning in parts of the northwestern US (primarily in Idaho)... Read More

Hurricane Isaac

Isaac reached Category 1 hurricane intensity mid-day on 28 August 2012. AWIPS images of 1-km resolution visible and IR data from the VIIRS, AVHRR, and MODIS instruments (below) showed curved banding features and convective bursts with overshooting... Read More

Tropical Cyclone Interaction in the Western Pacific

When two tropical cyclones are within close proximity to each other, they will typically start a rotation around a common center. This interaction, called the Fujiwhara Effect, may be occurring in the image loop above. Typhoon Bolaven approaches Typhoon Tembin, and the distance between the two reaches a minimum on... Read More

Day-Night Band Imagery of Isaac

The Day-Night Band on VIIRS, flying on the Suomi/NPP satellite gave an excellent view of Isaac at strong tropical storm strength in the northern Gulf of Mexico shortly after midnight on August 28 2012. VIIRS is providing something unique to forecasters: Visible imagery at night that allows easy identification of overshooting... Read More