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Category: Metop

5.1 micrometers and IASI

A previous post discussed the 5.1 micrometer channel that might be part of the imager (GXI) to fly on GeoXO, the next-generation satellite (beyond GOES-R) to be launched in the 2030s. That previous post, however, used Cross-track Infrared Sounder (CrIS) data, and CrIS observes close to, but not at, 5.1 micrometers.... Read More

Tropical Cyclone Malakas in the western Pacific

The tropical disturbance (formerly 95W) in the western Pacific south of Guam (discussed here) has strengthened and become the second western Pacific named storm of the year: Malakas. The storm is about halfway between the islands of Guam and New Guinea. The side-by-side imagery above, showing Himawari Band 3 and... Read More

Tehuano wind event

As a strong arctic cold front moved southward across the Gulf of Mexico and southern Mexico (surface analyses) on 12 March 2022, the cold air passed through the Chivela Pass and emerged as a Tehuano (or “Tehuantepecer“) gap wind that fanned outward across the Gulf of Tehuantepec. Visible images from GOES-17... Read More