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Category: Himawari-9

Tropical Storm Mal in the south Pacific

MIMIC Total Precipitable Water fields over the south Pacific near Fiji and Australia, above (source), show the development of a cyclonic circulation in between the ITCZ and SPCZ that moves southward as Cyclone Mal. Some dry air is diagnosed to impinge on the northern part of the storm at the... Read More

LIS Observations of lightning within the eyewall of Typhoon Bolaven

The Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) has been flying on the International Space Station since 2017 to extend LIS observations that began with the Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission (TRMM). This provides for nearly global observations optical detection of lightning. On 11 October and 12 October, two passes of the LIS, shown below, observed Typhoon Bolaven: the ascending pass from 2124 to 2134 UTC on... Read More

SAR wind observations over Super Typhoon Bolaven

The RCM-1 (Radarsat Constellation Mission 1) satellite overflew STY Bolaven at 0840 UTC on 11 October. The Himawari-9 infrared (10.4 µm) presentation of the storm is excellent with a symmetric storm, distinct eye, and vigorous outer band convection. SAR winds show the strongest convection in the eastern half of the... Read More