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Category: Calibration/Anomalies

GOES-13 Sounder Filter Wheel Anomalies

On June 20, 2012, the GOES-13 Sounder Filter Wheel mechanism suffered an anomaly. The filter wheel moves the spectral filters into the optical path of sensed radiation. As a result of the anomaly, data quality was degraded starting at about 1248 UTC. Instrument recovery activities occurred at 1756 UTC on 20... Read More

Update on GOES-12 Cycle Slips

At 1645 UTC on 6 June, an Electronics Side Swap occurred for GOES-12 to mitigate the effects of Cycle Slips that were occurring around 0800-1300 UTC each day (See this link for an explanation). No Cycle Slips occurred in the GOES-12 imager data on 7 June; as a result, the images... Read More

GOES-13 Imager Band Co-Registration

On the morning of May 14th, a clear morning, the GOES-13 Legacy “Fog Product” that exploits the brightness temperature differences observed by the GOES Imager at 3.9 µm and 10.7 µm, which differences arise because of wavelength-dependent emissivity differences in water clouds, showed fog first on the eastern shores of... Read More