GOES-14 is no longer sending images

November 3rd, 2012 |
GOES-14 0.62 µm Visible Image

GOES-14 0.62 µm Visible Image

GOES-14 came out of storage in mid-August for an annual north-south maneuver and for GOES-R Testing. While in normal mode, GOES-13 suffered an anomaly, and GOES-14 replaced GOES-13 temporarily as GOES-East before GOES-13 returned to service.

After operating in SRSO-R mode for Hurricane Sandy, GOES-14 was switched off after the 1845 UTC image on 1 November 2012 (above). It will remain in stand-by mode until recalled because of anomalies with GOES-West (GOES-15) or GOES-East (GOES-13). For more information on the future plans for GOES-14, click here.

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