Tropical Storm Rosa

November 9th, 2006 |

GOES-13 IR images (QuickTime animation)
Tropical Storm Rosa formed off the southwest coast of Mexico early in the day on 09 November 2006. In spite of existing in an environment of moderate southwesterly vertical shear, the tropical disturbance was able to intensify and exhibit bursts of convection which were evident on a QuickTime animation of GOES-13 10.7µm IR images (above). The cloud top temperatures were quite cold in these convective bursts, reaching -93 C at 12:15 UTC.

One thing to note on the GOES-13 IR imagery is the improvement in detector-to-detector “striping” (below) when compared to the previous generation of GOES satellites (GOES-11 and GOES-12) — this is due to better IR detector calibration on GOES-13.
GOES-11/12/13 IR comparison

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