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Category: Tropical cyclones

Ongoing tropical activity in the SPCZ near American Samoa

As tropical storm Nat moves away from the Samoan Islands and towards Tahiti, another Invest area, 98P, has developed north of the Samoan Islands. The animation above, from the MIMIC Total Precipitable Water site (link), shows a cyclonically-rotating concentration of moisture just north of Samoa, and moving east-southeastward toward Olosega... Read More

Tropical Cyclone Kirrily in the Coral Sea

Target Sector (2.5-minute interval) JMA Himawari-9 AHI Red Visible (0.64 µm) and Clean Infrared Window (10.4 µm) images (above) showed Invest 90P as it intensified to become Tropical Cyclone Kirrily over the Coral Sea on 23-24 January 2024. Visible images showed multiple exposed low-level circulation centers, while Infrared images showed that deep convection was mainly developing west... Read More