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Category: GOES-12

Ian and Charley eye comparison

The toggle above compares eyewall sizes from 2004’s Hurricane Charley and 2022’s Hurricane Ian near landfall in/around Fort Myer FL. Charley was a small cat-4 storm at landfall (link) with a 10-nm wide eye.. Hurricane-force winds with Charley extended only 15-25 miles out from the eye (link). In contrast, Ian... Read More

GOES-12 is retired from service

The GOES-12 Sounder has sent its last data, ending more than 12 years of service. The GOES-12 Sounder was turned off at 1100 UTC on 13 August. GOES-12 was launched on July 23, 2001, and GOES-12 transmitted data from 16 August 2001 – 7 January 2002, and then more or... Read More