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Archive: Mon May 2024

Wildfires in British Columbia produce pyrocumulonimbus clouds

10-minute Full Disk sector GOES-18 (GOES-West) Day Land Cloud Fire RGB, Shortwave Infrared (3.9 µm), “Clean” Infrared Window (10.3 µm) and “Red” Visible (0.64 µm) + Fire Power derived product (a component of the GOES Fire Detection and Characterization Algorithm FDCA) images (above) showed signatures of multiple wildfires across northeastern British Columbia, two of which produced  pyrocumulonimbus (pyroCb) clouds — having cloud-top... Read More

Image Archive of the Historic May 11th Geomagnetic Storm

Thousands if not millions of people took colorful photos of the Northern Lights during the early hours of May 11th during a remarkable G5 geomagnetic storm that expanded Aurora Borealis activity southward to unusually low latitudes in the United States. The JPSS fleet of polar-orbiting spacecraft captured eight monochromatic VIIRS... Read More

NOAA-20 and NOAA-21 NUCAPS profiles provide gap-free coverage

The long-anticipated arrival of NOAA-21 NUCAPS profiles (to supplement NOAA-20!) to AWIPS means that data void regions such as the South Pacific Ocean now have complete twice-daily coverage, as shown by the inidividual profiles above, and the overlapping profiles below. This means that a twice-daily mappings of accurate satellite sounder-provided... Read More