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Archive: Sep 2021

Viewing NUCAPS profiles with Sharppy

Scientists at STC and at SPoRT have created a website to view NUCAPS profiles using Sharppy and cloud resources. The animation above shows the user interface for Observed Soundings (i.e., upper-air soundings), for NUCAPS Soundings for different passes, and NAM Nest model profiles. The green points have been chosen for... Read More

Pyrocumulonimbus cloud over northern Paraguay

Fires burning in far northern Paraguay on 29 September 2021 created a pyrocumulonimbus or pyroCb cloud — GOES-16 (GOES-East) “Red” Visible (0.64 µm), Shortwave Infrared (3.9 µm) and “Clean” Infrared Window (10.35 µm) images (above) showed the pyroCB cloud, fire thermal anomalies or “hot spots” (clusters of red pixels) and cold cloud-top infrared brightness temperatures, respectively.... Read More