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Archive: Sep 2013

Mesospheric airglow waves over the Atlantic Ocean

An AWIPS image of Suomi NPP VIIRS 0.7 µm Day/Night Band (DNB) data at 06:10 UTC or 2:10 AM local time on 30 September 2013 (above) revealed multiple signatures of mesospheric airglow waves over portions of the western Atlantic Ocean. There are three distinct packets of waves seen on the... Read More

Re-suspended ash from the Katmai volcano in Alaska

GOES-15 0.63 µm visible channel images (above; click image to play animation) showed a distinct hazy plume streaming southeastward from the Katmai volcano area in Alaska on 22 September 2013. This was a signature of re-suspended volcanic ash — a deep layer of ash has remained on the ground near... Read More