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Archive: Jan 2013

Sea fog off the southeast US coast

An AWIPS image of the MODIS 11.0-3.7 µm IR brightness temperature difference “fog/stratus product” (above) indicated that fog/stratus features were in place across parts of the Southeast US, as well as along and just off the coast of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina at 07:33 UTC or 2:33 AM... Read More

“Billow cloud” formations near the Hawaiian Islands

The AWIPS images above (click to play animation) showed low-resolution GOES-15 10.7 µm IR data with an overlay of the surface analysis and pilot reports of turbulence. A number of reports of moderate turbulence could be seen in the vicinity of the Hawaiian Islands (at altitudes between 9,000 and 27,000... Read More

Motion of sea ice near Barrow, Alaska

AWIPS II images of 375-meter resolution Suomi NPP VIIRS 11.45 µm IR channel data (above; click image to play animation) revealed a surprising amount of sea ice motion in the vicinity of Barrow, Alaska (station identifier PABR) during the 30-hour period between 12:14 UTC on 24 January and 18:30 UTC... Read More