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Archive: Aug 2010

Southern edge of the ice in the Beaufort Sea

McIDAS images of GOES-11 0.65 µm visible channel data (above) revealed the southern edge of the ice in the Beaufort Sea (north of Alaska and Canada’s Yukon and Northwest Territories) on 18 August 2010.A closer view using a 1-km resolution NOAA-18 AVHRR false color Red/Green/Blue (RGB) image (below) showed that... Read More

Wildfires in British Columbia, Canada

Unusually hot and dry mid-August conditions beneath a strong ridge of high pressure across British Columbia led to a major outbreak of wildfires across that western Canadian province — 1-km resolution GOES-15 0.63 µm visible channel images (above) showed the development of a number of large and very dense smoke... Read More

GOES-15 Science Testing

A weak, isolated tornado developed in southwestern Minnesota during the afternoon of 11 August 2010. GOES-15 imagery, above, shows the development of modest cumulus convection that spawned the tornado. The 5-minute time-step in the imagery is similar to that that will be available routinely from the ABI on GOES-R; the loop was taken... Read More