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Archive: Aug 2008

Hurricane Gustav

Hurricane Gustav rapidly intensified into a hurricane on 26 August 2008 (less than 24 hours after the first advisory was issued). As noted by the National Hurricane Center’s Gustav discussion number 6:HURRICANE GUSTAV DISCUSSION NUMBER   6 NWS TPC/NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER MIAMI FL   AL072008 1100... Read More

Tropical Storm Fay: GOES-13 images during GOES-12 KOZ

On the current operational GOES-11 and GOES-12 satellites, data losses occur for several hours each day during the weeks centered around the Spring and Autumn equinox due to (1) Keep-Out Zones (KOZ), and (2) Eclipse. During KOZ, sunlight impinging upon the optical path of the instrument detectors requires the GOES... Read More

Satellite products for interrogating low clouds

Areas of low cloudiness (such as stratus and/or fog) at night can be important aviation hazards, but they are sometimes difficult to identify simply by examining standard IR imagery. A comparison of 1-km resolution MODIS 11.0 µm and 4-km resolution GOES-12 10.7 µm “IR window” images (above) does not give... Read More