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Archive: Jul 2008

Flooding across interior Alaska

Parts of interior Alaska experienced heavy rainfall and significant river flooding during the last week of July 2008; AWIPS  composite images of the GOES-11 and GOES-12 water vapor channels (above) showed a rather unusual moisture plume — one having a long northwesterly fetch — stretching from the Russian arctic coast... Read More

Satellite indicators of potential turbulence

There are a number of satellite signatures that denote areas of potential turbulence, and AWIPS images of the GOES-12 10.7 µm IR channel on 27 July 2008 (above) displayed two of the more common indicators: rapidly developing convection, and transverse banding. A decaying mesoscale convective system was moving southeastward across... Read More

Hurricane Dolly

The GOES-12 satellite was placed into Rapid Scan Operations (RSO) mode to monitor Tropical Storm Dolly on 21 July 2008 — the RSO visible images at 5-10 minute intervals (above) showed that deep convection was increasing around the core of the tropical cyclone. Dolly was moving northwestward across the Gulf of Mexico... Read More