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Category: Other Satellites

Sulfur Dioxide emissions from Mauna Loa

One of the gases emitted from the Mauna Loa eruption is SO2. The 0223 UTC 30 November update from this site notes that emission rates of approximately 250,000 tonnes [sic] per day were measured on 28 November! What satellite products can be used to diagnose this gas qualitatively and quantitatively? There is... Read More

Low-Earth Orbit satellite views of Ian as it formed, and comparisons to Geostationary imagery

Polar-orbiting satellites have microwave detectors that give important information about the low-level structure of an evolving tropical cyclone. If high clouds are omnipresent, it can be difficult for an analyst to diagnose storm strength with accuracy. Microwave energy penetrates clouds, however, and low-earth orbit (LEO) observations of microwave frequencies can... Read More