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Category: Hydrology

California’s Record Snowpack and Brimming Reservoirs

A multi-week “parade of storms” over the Pacific Ocean featuring a persistent atmospheric river pattern and numerous winter storms pounding the U.S. west coast has resulted in record snowpack in the Sierra Nevadas with water equivalency at 205% of normal for mid-January in the northern Sierras, 255% central, and... Read More

Himawari-8 Rain Rates in AWIPS with Typhoon Malakas

Typhoon Malakas in the western Pacific is shown above in Himawari-8 infrared imagery between Guam and the Philippines. It is a well-developed storm (albeit asymmetric) with an obvious eye. Level 2 Rain Rate from Himawari-8 is also shown; the heaviest precipitation is diagnosed to the southeast of the eye, and... Read More