Fire activity in the southeastern US

March 12th, 2008 |

MODIS true color images (Animated GIF)

[Image source: Liam Gumley, SSEC/CIMSS]

A comparison of two consecutive MODIS true color images from the same day (viewed using Google Earth, above) reveals that numerous small fires developed (and produced smoke plumes) within a relatively short amount of time across the southeastern US on 12 March 2008. The satellite overpass time of the earlier Terra MODIS image is around 16:18 UTC (12:18 PM local time), while the overpass times of the eastern and western portions of the later Aqua MODIS image is around 17:53 UTC (1:53 PM local time) and 19:32 UTC (3:32 PM local time), respectively.

The GOES-12 Wildfire ABBA product (below) confirms the presence of widespread “fire hot spots” that increased in number and coverage during the late morning and early afternoon hours on 12 March.

Wildfire ABBA (Animated GIF)

Wildfire ABBA legend

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