Imagery from the EWS-G1 — U.S. Space Force

November 18th, 2020 |

EWS-G1 (Electro-optical Infrared Weather System Geostationary) is a U.S. Space Force mission. Images are now available on the UW/SSEC geo-browser. Full Disk images are obtained every 30 minutes. An EWS-G1 “quick-guide (pdf)”.

The five spectral bands of the EWS-G1 Imager.

The above animation shows the 5 spectral bands on the EWS-G1 imager. There is one visible band and four infrared bands.

This multi-panel image shows all the 5 bands at one given time (and showing full disk images).

Animation of the visible (band 1) from EWS-G1.
Animation of the EWS-G1 water vapor band (3).
Animation of EWS-G1 band 4, longwave infrared window.

A loop of all five spectral bands.

A day-time visible band animation over Madagascar.
A composite image with EWS-G1, GOES-17 and GOES-16 data. Credit: UW/SSEC Satellite Data Services.

The EWS-G1 was formerly NOAA’s GOES-13. Contact the UW/SSEC Satellite Data Services for information of data access / subscription, if more than the posted near realtime imagery are needed.

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