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Category: General interpretation

Assessing fire and smoke in Louisiana with RealEarth

GOES-East fire detection products in RealEarth allow users to assess burning areas across the Continental United States. In the example below, burning appears to be occurring in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana. These fire detections in southern Louisiana are picked up by the GOES scene fire detection and by the GOES fire... Read More

GOES-N to GOES-13, EWS-G1 and the Graveyard (Orbit)

The Imager on GOES-13 captured approximately 2,307,267 images (counting each of the 5 spectral bands as an image), with an additional (at least) 264,480 images as EWS-G1 — for a total of 2,571,747 images! In addition, the GOES-13 Sounder captured 3,054,820 images (counting each of the 19 spectral bands as... Read More

Typhoon Lola seen from Himawari

Severe Tropical Cyclone Lola has formed in the southwest Pacific and is currently moving south west. As of 2023-10-25 at 21Z, it is located near Vanuatu at approximately 17°S, 167°E. Watch Lola move over 48 hours in RealEarth, which allows users to visualize full-disk data from geostationary satellites: GOES-East, GOES-West,... Read More

Tropical Storm Sean

Tropical Storm Sean has developed in the mid-Atlantic and is moving northwest, but is predicted to dissipate by Sunday, 2023-10-15. RealEarth provides an opportunity to look back at the last 48 hours of Sean developing. A video from RealEarth shows GOES-16 true color and Band 13 (10.3 microns, “clean” infrared... Read More