GOES-13: Fire Activity in Arkansas

December 8th, 2006 |

GOES-13, GOES-12 3.9µm IR images

On 08 December 2006 (Day 2 of the GOES-13 post-launch NOAA Science Test), 3.9µm shortwave IR images from GOES-13 and GOES-12 (above) revealed several “hot spots” (black enhancement) due to fire activity (NOAA HMS) across parts of Arkansas (Java animation). The performance of the GOES-13 3.9µm IR channel was comparable to that of GOES-12 for this particular group of relatively small and short-lived fires — a plot of the GOES-13 vs GOES-12 shortwave IR brightness temperatures (below) for the fire that was located between Russellville (KRUE) and Hot Springs (KHOT) Arkansas showed similar values as that particular fire was reaching maximum size and intensity.
GOES-13 vs GOES-12 3.9µm temperature

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