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Archive: Tue Sep 2022

ACSPO Temperatures from VIIRS and GOES-R

Advanced Clear-Sky Processor for Ocean (ACSPO) temperatures over Lake Superior on 6 September, shown above, show a large area of surface temperature below 55oF (magenta and white in the enhancement) over central Lake Superior. Clear early-Autumn skies allowed for this mostly complete view of the Lake Surface. Although Lake Superior... Read More

Labor Day Weekend Aurora Borealis via VIIRS Day Night Band

The recent 3-day weekend was a 3-night extravaganza for Aurora enthusiasts with an active Aurora Borealis lighting up the sky for 3 nights in a row.  The VIIRS (Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite) Day Night Band Sensor flying on the Suomi-NPP and NOAA-20 polar-orbiting satellites captured stunning snapshots of the... Read More