Welcome back Suomi NPP!

August 19th, 2022 |
Suomi NPP Day Night Band visible (0.7 um) Imagery from two morning overpasses on 19 August 2022 as viewed from the San Juan (PR) Direct Broadcast site

The Suomi NPP satellite experienced an anomaly at ~1630 UTC on 26 July that caused all instruments to go into ‘safe mode’. NOAA Engineers have successfully re-started the instruments. The Direct Broadcast signal resumed on 11 August, and NOAA/NESDIS proclaimed VIIRS Sensor Data Record (SDR) data operational as of 18 August (information on this outage is available here). The above Day Night Band image, from RealEarth, shows Suomi NPP data from the San Juan Direct Broadcast site. The tropical Atlantic remains quiet.