A month of Himawari imagery over Guam

April 18th, 2022 |

The month-long animation above shows the Himawari-8 Sandwich Product (daytime, blending visible band 3 (0.64 µm) and Band 13 (10.41 µm); and nighttime: Infrared only (Band 13, 10.41 µm) ) for the period from 16 March 2021 through 16 April 2021 over the Pacific Island (1) sector from this site, courtesy of JMA. How has the tropical western Pacific changed over this month? During the first week, mid-latitude extratropical fronts move west to east across the northern part of the domain, brushing the northern Marianas Islands. The monsoon trough over the southern part of the domain shows a lot of activity from the start of an animation, although some periods show more activity than others (25-28 March is quiescent compared to times before and after). A cyclonic circulation moves westward to the south of Guam on 31 March/1 April. Then a stronger impulse moves into the domain from the east on 2-3 April. By 7 April, this tropical storm is south of Guam moving towards the northwest where it becomes Typhoon Malakas. An obvious eye is apparent in that system as it recurves to the west of Guam on 12-13 April. By the end of the animation (17 April), the system has lifted to the north/east of this domain, and the sector has only scattered convection.

Note in particular as the animation occurs how the region of Sun glint has shifted northward. Northern Hemisphere Spring is ongoing.