VIIRS views of the surface and atmosphere, late September 2020 version

September 24th, 2020 |

VIIRS True-Color imagery on 02 and 22 September 2020 (Click to enlarge). Data from the VIIRS Today website

VIIRS True-Color imagery taken from the VIIRS Today website, above, shows the reddening/yellowing of trees over the upper midwest between 2 September and 22 September 2020. The inexorable slip into autumn and winter is ongoing.

Early in the morning on 24 September, Direct Broadcast NOAA-20 data downloaded at CIMSS and processed with CSPP showed an extensive aurora over much of Canada. (These data are available from the Direct Broadcast ftp site: link; direct link to the NOAA-20 data used below: link — note that this direct link is ephemeral and will disappear after about a week). The Day Night Band imagery is toggled with 11.45 µm infrared imagery.

NOAA-20 remapped VIIRS Day Night Band visible (0.7 µm) imagery and infrared 11.45 µm imagery, 0804 UTC on 24 September 2020