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Archive: Nov 2011

Mesoscale vortex over western Lake Ontario

1-km resolution GOES-13 0.63 µm visible channel images (above; click image to play animation) revealed a mesoscale vortex (or “mesolow”) propagating slowly westward across the western end of Lake Ontario on 21 November 2011. The GOES-13 satellite had been placed into Rapid Scan Operations (RSO) mode, providing images as frequently as every... Read More

Snow cover increasing across the north-central US

A comparison of an AWIPS image of 1-km resolution MODIS 0.65 µm visible channel data with the corresponding MODIS false color Red/Green/Blue (RGB) image created using the 2.1 µm “snow/ice channel” (above) showed that snow cover was beginning to increase in areal extent across parts of the north-central US on... Read More

Record-setting early winter season cold in Alaska

Much of interior Alaska experienced record-setting early winter season cold temperatures during the middle of November 2011:PUBLIC INFORMATION STATEMENT NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE FAIRBANKS AK 304 AM AKST SAT NOV 19 2011 …THE RECORDS CONTINUE TO FALL AT FAIRBANKS… THE EARLY WINTER NOVEMBER COLD SNAP CONTINUES TO RE-WRITE THE RECORD BOOKS... Read More