Wildfire in southwestern Colorado

August 8th, 2009 |
MODIS true color + MODIS false color image

MODIS true color and MODIS false color images

250-meter resolution MODIS true color and false color images from the SSEC MODIS Today site (above) showed a large smoke plume and “fire hot spot” from the 4700-acre “Narraguinnep Fire” that was burning in southwestern Colorado on 08 August 2009. On the false color image, the fire hot spot appears as a large cluster of pink to red  pixels.

The MODIS true color image viewed using Google Earth (below) shows that the fire was located in the far western portion of the Uncompahgre National Forest, about midway between Dove Creek and Dolores in southwestern Colorado. The fire was believed  to have been started by lightning on the previous day.

MODIS true color image (viewed using Google Earth)

MODIS true color image (viewed using Google Earth)