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Archive: Aug 2009

Station Fire in southern California

A  wildfire (named the “Station Fire”) had been burning for several days in the Angeles National Forest in central Los Angeles county — and this fire then grew quickly in size from 5500 acres to 35,200 acres during the 29 AugustRead More

Danny and Wind Shear

Vertical wind shear is the change of wind speed and/or direction with height. For tropical cyclones, wind shear is something that must be overcome if strengthening is to occur. For (minimal) tropical storm Danny, strong wind shear has persisted in keeping convection far from the storm center. When the storm... Read More

Tropical Storm Danny forms

An area of disturbed weather north of the Bahamas developed into Tropical Storm Danny early on 26 August. Satellite loops of the visible imagery, above, clearly show a low-level circulation that is displaced from the area of main convection to the north and east. Until the convection and the low-level... Read More

GOES-14 Sounder Data

The launch and post-launch checkout of GOES-14 allows a comparison of the sounder instruments on GOES-14 (see the image above) and GOES-12, the operational GOES-East (the image below). The Sounder is used to detect emitted radiation at 19 different wavelengths, in contrast to the 5 wavelengths sensed by the Imager.... Read More