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Archive: Jun 2007

Elie, Manitoba tornado

The first documented F5 tornado damage on record in Canada occurred on 22 June 2007. GOES-12 10.7µm InfraRed channel imagery (above) and visible channel imagery (below) show the development of severe convection that spawned the tornado that struck the town of Elie in south-central Manitoba (just west of Winnipeg, station identifier CXWN)... Read More

“Enhanced-V” and “Warm Trench” IR signatures

Severe thunderstorms developed over northwestern Kansas on 19 June 2007. An AWIPS image of the MODIS 11.0µm InfraRed (IR) channel (above) revealed an “enhanced-v” and a “warm trench” IR signature on adjacent storm tops. The coldest cloud top brightness temperature values were -77º C on both signatures; the warmest IR temperature associated... Read More