Contrails over the southeastern US

November 29th, 2006 |

MODIS 1.3µm near-IR image
AWIPS MODIS imagery revealed widespread condensation trails (or “contrails”) from commercial aircraft flying across the southeastern US on 29 November 2006. These contrails were best seen using the Band 26 (1.3µm) near-IR channel (above) and the Band 27 (6.7µm) water vapor channel (below). Rawinsonde data from Peachtree City GA (KFFC) and Greensboro NC (KGSO) indicated increasing moisture aloft within the range of altitudes common for commercial jets (around 35,000 feet) — the contrails were relatively long-lived within this relatively moist environment (GOES-12 water vapor channel animation).
MODIS 6.7µm water vapor image