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Category: Severe convection

The Problem of Parallax

Parallax can mean different things in different sciences (See, for example, this link that describes how parallax is used to compute distances in astronomy), but in satellite meteorology, parallax is the apparent shift in an object’s position (away from the sub-satellite point) as a result of... Read More

Cold cloud top temperatures

A large Mesoscale Convective System formed over the Gulf of Mexico (just off the Texas coast) on 15 October, and this convection exhibited some very cold cloud top temperatures on AWIPS images of IR window channel data (above) — IR brightness temperatures... Read More

Final day of GOES-10 SRSO

Beginning on 23 August, the GOES-10 satellite was placed into continuous Super Rapid Scan Operations (SRSO) mode, providing images at 1-minute intervals over a limited region of the US. 02 October was the final day of GOES-10 SRSO, and some of the interesting... Read More

Severe convection at 1-minute intervals

A 200-image animation (29 MB QuickTime movie, above) of Super Rapid Scan Operations (SRSO) GOES-10 visible channel imagery shows the development of supercell thunderstorms at 1-minute intervals across northern Arkansas and southern Missouri between 17:00 and 22:07 UTC (12:00 Noon and 5:07 PM local time) on Read More