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Category: NOAA-21

Creating customized brightness temperature ranges in Polar2Grid

Polar2Grid is a powerful software package that enables a user to take Sensor Data Record (SDR) files from JPSS satellites (Suomi-NPP, NOAA-20, NOAA-21) and create high-quality georeferenced imagery that can be color-enhanced. (Polar2Grid also works with data from other polar orbiting satellites!) This blog post details how to scale an... Read More

Hurricane Calvin in the Pacific Ocean

Pacific Hurricane Calvin was sampled by Radar Constellation Mission #3 (RCM-3) shortly after 0200 UTC on 14 July 2023. The SAR winds (click here to access a JAOTech article on this subject!) show strong winds surrounding a not-quite-circular closed eye, with a region of strong winds extending in a curved... Read More