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Category: Calibration/Anomalies

GOES-13 Imager Band Co-Registration

On the morning of May 14th, a clear morning, the GOES-13 Legacy “Fog Product” that exploits the brightness temperature differences observed by the GOES Imager at 3.9 µm and 10.7 µm, which differences arise because of wavelength-dependent emissivity differences in water clouds, showed fog first on the eastern shores of... Read More

GOES-15 Imager Calibration Issues

The Sensor Processing Subsystem (SPS) for GOES-15 (operational as GOES-West) was changed at 20:45 UTC on March 12, 2012. This change that should have been transparent to the users introduced an error to the calibrated data that was especially apparent in the Imager Water Vapor Channel (Channel 3). The SPS... Read More

Stray Light Corrections in GVAR Signal for GOES-East

There are periodic, and predictable, errors within the raw signal on the GOES satellites that arise when sunlight hits the Satellite so that it emits radiation that is detected by the sensor, or when satellite structures reflect energy towards the sensors. There errors usually arise when the Sun is close... Read More