ATMS imagery available via LDM from CIMSS

June 18th, 2020 |

GOES-16 ABI Band 13 (10.3 µm) “Clean Window” infrared imagery and Suomi-NPP ATMS 89.2 GHz Brightness Temperature 0753 UTC on 18 June 2020 (Click to enlarge)

CIMSS can now supply 88.2 GHz imagery from the Direct Broadcast antennas in Madison. Data from the Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder (ATMS) on Suomi NPP and NOAA-20 is processed by CSPP and is provided via an LDM feed. The toggle above shows GOES-16 ABI Clean Window Infrared (10.3 µm) imagery and the 88.2 GHz imagery from ATMS and the morning pass on 18 June 2020.

There is a stark contrast between land and water in clear skies because of the low emissivity of water in the microwave.  Convective clouds over northern Plains and central Canada also have a big impact on the microwave signal.  In the Gulf of Mexico, the colder region shown (yellow in the color enhancement) has a brightness temperature around -48º to -55º C, and it is surrounded by regions (green) with brightness temperatures in the -25º to -40º C range.  Emissivity can be affected by wind speeds (that generate small waves); low clouds can also affect (warm) the emissions detected.