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Stories by Scott Bachmeier

Power plant plumes

The AWIPS image of MODIS 11.0µm-3.7µm “fog/stratus product” (above) reveals several long plumes embedded within the extensive stratus cloud deck (yellow to red enhancement) that covered much of northern and central Minnesota during the pre-dawn hours on 19 October. These plumes likely... Read More

Cold cloud top temperatures

A large Mesoscale Convective System formed over the Gulf of Mexico (just off the Texas coast) on 15 October, and this convection exhibited some very cold cloud top temperatures on AWIPS images of IR window channel data (above) — IR brightness temperatures... Read More

Stratospheric intrusion vorticies

GOES-12 6.5 µm water vapor channel imagery (QuickTime animation, above) revealed a series of vortices migrating southward along the western periphery of the large cold-core polar vortex that was centered over  southern Ontario on 13 September. Instability-like fragmentation of a Read More